Pricing + Services


Lindsey is the #1 hair extension specialist in Salem. She does more extension services than any other salon in the area! Lindsey owns her own private label brand of tape in hair extensions called Beauty Couture Hair Extensions, available for direct sale at her salon.

Tape in Extensions

A slice of your natural hair is sandwiched between two one inch wide wefts of extension hair. The result is volumes of hair, with a light feel and natural look. This method is ideal for all clients. They are faster, smoother, easily concealed and less expensive that all other methods. This method also provides for the most natural looking extensions available. Unlike other harsh methods, this type of extension does NO damage to your natural hair growing beneath!

Hand tied hair extensions

A natural, yet secure track is created using your natural hair and beads. Thin, hand tied wefts are laced onto this track to create a secure row of hair that is longer and/or thicker than your natural hair. Often, multiple tracks are required to secure a natural look requiring length.

Please note: ALL your hair is purchased through Lindsey only. It is 100% human Remy hair, high quality and longer lasting. This brand of hair will last up to one year when cared for properly. Lindsey does NOT install hair purchased privately or elsewhere. For more info on her private label, please see Beauty Couture Hair Extensions.

Here are some ideas on what to expect for pricing:

Clients who are looking for FULLNESS only, and are happy with the length of their natural hair, can expect to purchase only 2-4 packs of hair, in the length matching your natural hair. A free consultation will determine the length you need. 

Clients who need length are required to purchase a minimum of 4 packs, but are most likely to require 4-8 packs, depending on a variety of factors. Factors include the density of natural hair, the length desired, and the length of natural hair. A free consultation will determine exactly how many packs and length you will require.


Tape In Extensions

tape in Installation Price:

1-2 packs $150 3-5 packs $200 6 + packs $250


Removal of extensions, cleansing, retaping and reapplying every 6-10 weeks  

1-2 packs $200 3-5 packs $250 6 + packs $325

Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Hand tied hair extension installation:

First initial row $150.

Additional rows $50 per row.

Your service includes installation, custom cut/layering and styling.

Your maintenance price is the same as your installation price and should be done every 10-12 weeks.


Brazilian Blowout

The authentic Brazilian blowout service lasts up to 12 weeks, straightening, defrizzing and smoothing your natural hair.

Thin and/or Short Hair $225

Medium and/or Mid Length Hair $250

Long and/or Thick, Dense Hair $275

Color services

alfaparf: the world’s and hair industry’s #1 color line, recognized for pigmentation formula, crystallization process and being 100% PPD free.

To ensure clients get appointments as quickly as possible, I have a licensed professional assistant by my side at the salon during my appointment hours. My assistant does all shampoos, blow outs, styling and pre-booking for every client I serve. This not only allows me to accept more clients weekly, but to be able to continue as an artist without any physical restrictions. Having an assistant also allows me to focus on my specialties, like your extensions and color services! I highly recommend my qualified assistants for additional services that I do not offer. Please ask for a recommendation!


Beauty Couture Hair Extension tape in hair prices: 

$85 per pack-12 inches $95 per pack-14 inches $105 per pack-16 inches $120 per pack-18 inches     $130 per pack-22 inches $150 per pack-26 inches $170 per pack-30 inches

Beauty Couture hand tied weft mini bundle prices: 

$50 per pack-12 inches $60 per pack-14 inches $80 per pack-16 inches $100 per pack-18 inches     $110 per pack-22 inches $120 per pack-26 inches

** Color Consultation-Complimentary. Any client requiring a consult prior to an appointment must book a consultation. Text, email or phone consults are not permitted.

Full Foil $150

Full Foil w/ Blonding Agents $180

Partial Foil $125

Partial Foil w Blonding Agents $155

Balayage $180 +

Partial Balayage $155 +

Full Application $75 +

Root Touch Up $60 +

Haircut/Trim $40 (Trims and haircuts are done dry or wet (stylists preference) and available with color and extension appointments only.)