Extensions FAQ


My Extension Qualifications Include:

Hair Extension specialist since 2006.

Beauty Couture Hair Extensions retailer and distributor ( I own my own private label hair extension company)
Certified stylist for Babe hair extensions.
Certified educator for Babe hair extensions.
Certified stylist for DB Milan hair extensions.
National Educator for DB Milan hair extensions.
Certified stylist for Glamour hair extensions.


I specialize and educate in numerous brands of tape in hair extensions. From volume, to color, to full head. I've been offering hair extensions in the Salem area since 2006, and wearing them just as long. It is safe to say, I am one of the most prominent extension stylists in the area, and likely the most experienced. Since specializing in them since 2008, I have been able to focus my continued education on brands and technique, allowing me to master this branch of hair art. It is truly my specialty. I also own and distribute my own private label of tape in hair extensions called Beauty Couture Hair Extensions.


How much do they cost? 

Cost for extensions are made up of three things: the cost of your real 100% remy hair, the cost to have them installed, and the cost to have them maintained. You will get the most accurate price with a free consultation, by booking HERE. In general, your hair costs (all depending on your natural hair, the hair you desire to have, and the length) will range from $75 to $600. This is high quality tape in hair, sold direct from my salon. That's a pretty wide range, this is why you need a free consultation. My installation cost ranges from $150 to $200 service fee. Your maintenance service fee will range from $75 to $350, depending on how many packs of hair you have. Please book a Free Consultation for an exact cost estimate for your needs.


How do I wash my hair? 

You may wash your hair almost as you normally would, but with a more gentle touch. You must never mat up your hair on the top of your head and scrub. You can wash in smoothing motions with the proper products, as provided by Lindsey. It is recommended that you try to wash your hair less often than you might normally, every 3 to 4 days. This allows the weft to stay closer to your scalp for longer, resulting in less maintenance, and longer lasting service. Please ask Lindsey the products she recommends for hair extensions.


Will they fall out? 

It is expected that near the end of your initial service, around the 6-8 week mark, you may lose about 10% of hair extension pieces. This is not a lot, considering how man pieces you will have attached to begin with. You will notice they tend to loosen when wet, or being brushed through. If you are losing more pieces than this, there is generally a concern with at home care or improper products. 


Can I put my hair up? 

In almost all cases, clients are able to put their hair in low ponytails, high ponytails, top knots, and braids. Lindsey has mastered the placement of hair extensions to allow clients the ability to wear their hair in many styles. In especially short hair, sometimes the extensions cannot be put up and look natural. In these rare cases, this would be discussed at your consultation and you would be informed.


What about when I work out and sweat?

It is perfectly ok to work out at the gym, and sweat. This does not affect your extensions in such a way that would prohibit you from wear. If you are someone who sweats more than normal, you may feel the need to wash your hair more frequently.


Can you see the wefts or tape?

Lindsey is especially skilled at installing the hair so that it not only looks natural, but cannot be detected as extensions. She makes every attempt to blend the hair, use different lengths for layering and create a look that does not look unnatural. If you do not maintain the hair as expected, toward the end of your wear, wefts can sometimes be seen if you have very thin hair or do not care for them properly. This issue would be discussed with you personally and a new maintenance schedule should be addressed.


Does this damage my natural hair?

This specific method of extensions does NOT damage your natural hair, when done properly by a qualified stylist like myself. In fact, most clients have recognized their hair growing in stronger an longer while wearing the extensions. The wefts tend to create a barrier between your natural hair and the extensions, protecting it from regular heat, blow dry and other damaging tools.


How do you match my color?

The companies I offer hair through have over 35 colors to choose from! I can match almost any natural hair color with no problems whatsoever. I do not color any hair extensions, due to the inconsistency of the outcome and the quality of the hair. I can special order any color as needed to match yours. 


How long will my hair be?

How long would you like?? I offer 12", 14". 16", 18" and 22" long extensions! I will gladly consult with you on a proper length as well as what might be most natural for your hair type and lifestyle.


Can I buy my own hair and bring it in?

Unfortunately, no. I own a tape in hair extension company, and retail and distribute my hair locally and nationally. I guarantee my hair and its quality, and will not compromise my service by installing hair that is unknown and possibly defective. Your service and experience is based upon the quality of hair you purchase, and I will only install my brand, which I have years of experience with! For more information on my brand, Beauty Couture Hair Extensions, click HERE to be linked to my hair extension distribution page .