Extension Care

Caring for your Beauty Couture Hair Extensions


Before your Beauty Couture extension installation: 

Please arrive at your appointment with CLEAN, DRY, product free hair. Please shampoo your hair prior to your appointment and do not condition it. Do not use any products on your hair after shampoo or dry. 

Please prepare yourself to purchase the products recommended by Lindsey to care for your extensions, including shampoo, conditioner, serums, brush and styling agents. 


After your Beauty Couture extension installation:

It is recommended that you wash your extensions less often than you would natural hair. This will not only preserve the quality of the hair, but also allow for less maintenance later. Wet hair retains water and will weigh down your wefts, causing them to grow off the scalp faster. Normal hair should wash every 3-5 days, while oily hair should be washed every 2-3 days only.

You may curl , flat iron and style your extensions as you would natural hair, remembering to use your layers as a blending technique. Extension hair styles easily and remains styled with minimal care or touch ups, making them somewhat lower maintenance than expected. Use caution with thermal tools near the point of attachment (the tape bond), and use the same care you would with heat as with natural hair. Thermal styling will cause split ends and dryness, just as it would on natural hair. Remember: this IS real hair, so treat it with care as you would natural hair.

Do not cut the extension hair or your hair in any way. Your hair has been layered and blended into the extensions in a way that only Lindsey can manage. You are likely to damage the hair extension and ruin the blended process if you, or anyone besides Lindsey cuts the extension or your natural hair.

Do not take extension advice or recommendations from anyone other than Lindsey. I am trained and experienced by multiple companies with the hair, products and installation process. If you have questions about your hair or service, please call or message Lindsey Graham only!

 Use only the professional products that you have purchased during your initial service or the products that Lindsey has sold or given to you. My recommendations are not to simply make money, they are the products I have been educated in that will maintain the quality and longevity of your hair and your service. Using cheap products could easily ruin your hair as well as your attachment, causing you to lose your extensions and possibly your own hair.

 Always brush with your extension brush, up to three times a day. Hold the base of your hair, at the point of attachment, so as not to pull on them too hard when tangles are present. Regularly, use the brush from scalp to ends to keep your hair from    tangling and matting between wefts. Please ask for a demonstration if you are unsure how to brush properly.  If you can avoid brushing the hair while it is wet, I strongly suggest that. Let your hair air dry slightly before brushing.

Swimming, hot tubing,  and ocean water is “okay” for your hair in moderation. You must however, wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo immediately after use and use plenty of conditioning treatments in the ends of your extension hair. **Please be aware that even though you are permitted to swim, you may experience a loss of a few extra pieces, more than average. This is a risk YOU assume as a client and Lindsey cannot be held responsible for the additional loss of any extensions if you decide to swim. When you do swim, wear your hair in a low, loose braid to avoid further damage or tangling. Never a bun or knot, and never down. Be advised, I recommend avoiding getting your extension hair wet with chlorine and salt water if at all possible.

Remember to keep all products and styling devices away from the point of attachment (your scalp). Excluding dry shampoo. Product use near the point of attachment could result in slipping or loosening of the bond. Heat near the bond will melt the polyurathane tape and cause it to break down faster. It will also cause the tape to melt together, and cause breakage during removal. Please use care when curling and straightening your hair. Dry shampoo is permitted and recommended for use near the scalp and near the bond.

Do not color, bleach, chemically alter or perm your extension hair or your natural hair while wearing your extensions.   When we consult, I have the ability to exact match your color to the extension hair. If there is any concern about blending after the service, Lindsey can adjust the color if needed and using the appropriate and professional color.

Cleansing. Always use the recommended products and use them appropriately . Avoid cleansing your hair daily. Specialists recommend cleansing your hair and the extension hair every 2-3 days only. You should also only use the recommended products advised by Lindsey. You may cleanse the natural hair in your “halo” crown as often as you like, again avoiding the point of attachment.

 Never ever ever attempt to remove or loosen your bonds without Lindsey. I use a professional removal product that doesn't damage the extension or your natural hair. Removing the bonds without Lindsey’s assistance will absolutely result in extension hair damage, natural hair breakage and likely pain.

Do not go to bed with wet hair tied up. Please ensure your hair is only slightly damp andbraid it or wear a loose ponytail. This will help avoid tangles and matting. Never tie it in a bun, top knot or pony when wet.

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